Why Raila Odinga and Gilbert Waliuba wears Godfathers
Gilbert Waliuba wears Godfathers


Here is a man whose impact on anyone he meets cannot be undermined. When I heard that he was compiling a biography, I was thrilled. When he asked of my contribution, I was exhilarated because here is a man with whom we have heard a lot of crazy experiences well. We share a lot of things in common ad am going to try to put the best I can remember well.

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It was on sometimes back in the teenage years when the roots of adolescence had really found fertile soil and was growing really good. Now my childhood friend Nolan had just introduced me to badminton and I was becoming a pro at it. I had decided to cut the boredom by joining Nolan for practice on a warm summer afternoon at their place where I spent most of my time. For a reason or two, my friendship with Nolan had made me unable to make more friends. We were inseparable.

Surprisingly, as we played the game, Nolan kept praising some strange guy who he alleged was super good at the game. I did not enjoy the session as Nolan kept talking about this guy. Before even meeting him, I felt he was a rival. I imagined how the guy in question might look. Now I felt a little anger towards Nolan. After 17 years of friendship suddenly he has a friend who he speaks of so highly? So unlike him.

Lady holding badminton racket
The Game of Badminton

I had an urge to meet this guy and prove to him he was nothing. I managed to convince Nolan to take me to that place so as to get too know this guy.

So I instantly was attracted to his brilliance in speech and cool persona. He also fancied gadgets and technology, something I also liked. Well I wanted to be his friend but I was jealous. For a few reasons. Firstly, I was the chief consultant around but ever since his appearance, he took over as the main guy. Secondly, his language and ability to keep a smile always attracted all my friends to him, well, I could not beat him, so I joined him.

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