Mr. Waliuba Gilbert Nakiboli
Mr. Waliuba Gilbert Nakiboli

Mr. Waliuba Nakiboli Gilbert  ( Captain Waliuba) is a young man hailing from Bungoma county raised in Webuye town.Raised to be a charismatic, kind and hardworking lad who is concerned for his needs as well as those of others and the environment as a whole.Being one of the rising engineers he is the Director of Captainteknics an energy and technology company but let not his humility and calm demure  not fool anyone into thinking he got to where he is easily.

From a tender age he has exerted himself into his work starting from primary school where he passed with flying colors earning himself  a spot at the infamous Friends School Kamusinga where he again managed to excel with a perfect A score it was after this that he joined the Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical And Electronic Engineering.As we well know all work and no play makes jack a dull boy and the case was no different when it came to Captain he is an active member in cricket,athletics and badminton he also involves himself in team building activities during his leisure time.

Being a socially conscious youth he started a mentorship program for children so east to provide education and social economic mentorship to both primary and secondary students so as to help the children in his community as well as nation wide to grow as responsible individuals who will take our communities to the next level in the future.In his passion for community development he takes part in various church and community building programs as well as spear heading agricultural projects which he takes to different villages to better their growth.

Mentor A Child Kenya

       The young man from lwandanyi is clearly filled with zeal as well as a great passion to do great things for his people at the same time inspiring many youth all around him he is also a beacon of hope for our children and is sure to be a great leader for the people.

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